About Us

Teche Bank & Trust Company was founded in 1969 by a group of local businessmen who believed there was a need and opportunity for a second bank in St. Martinville, Louisiana. These founding members were correct in their vision and brought competitive banking to the community.

Through the years, Teche Bank and Trust Company has been an innovative force in St. Martinville. We were the first to offer several services in St. Martinville including Saturday Banking, Automated Teller Services connected to a national network, a 24 hour Voice Response line: 394-TECH (8324), image checking statements and most recently check 21 processing services. Our Automated teller services allow customers of Teche Bank & Trust Company to use ATM's at any location worldwide. The St. Martinville Chamber of Commerce has honored Teche Bank & Trust Company with their business of the year award. Bauer Financial Reports has awarded Teche Bank & Trust Company a five star rating for safety, strength and performance.

In 1995, we decided to expand our community to include a branch in Coteau. In June of 2010, we opened our newest location at 1407 Jane Street, New Iberia. Today, we serve our local communities with four locations. The Board of Directors and management of Teche Bank & Trust Company are always seeking opportunities to better serve our customers and potential customers in area markets. At Teche Bank & Trust Company our mission statement is that "We are the economic engine of our community." We are excited about bringing our commitment to service to new communities.

Teche Bank & Trust Company is owned by Louisiana Community Bancorp, Inc.